4.19.2023: website under construction.
4.20.2023: added pages!
4.22.2023: updated art page!
4.25.2023: log page under construction!
4.27.2023: log page fixed. might change artwork page soon. also added a guestbook.
4.28.2023: might change my button idk
4.29.2023: added a resources page!
5.04.2023: pov my new layout (pending)
5.05.2023: new layout! / updated resource page!
5.11.2023: NEW LAYOUT AGAIN! updated log pages too
5.16.2023: updated all my pages w/ new layout.
6.11.2023: NEW LAYOUT!! also haven't updated in awhile..
6.17.2023: made a shrine page!
6.23.2023: new layouts for my other pages!
7.16.2023: version 5 layout. updated index. new diary log. also updated buttons.
8.1.2023: version 6 layout bcuz i really didn't like the previous layout.
8.7.2023: changed my about me page!
8.8.2023: added more links to my about me page!
8.18.2023: created a layout archive!
8.23.2023: tweaked my layout. hopefully this will last awhile..