more information???

what is this site? thanks for asking! i actually created this site in 2017 but back then i was a noob at coding. not even a noob i knew jack shit about coding lmmaaoo all my life i've been using pre-made layouts i never relly took the time to actually learn coding or find a base maker and learn from there. so i just left this site empty. btw this site was named jongdae or something before aoi. anyways, i really admired cinni's website because damn how can i achieve that? well, i couldn't and still to this day.

i came back to neocities like the beginning of this year because i discovered it again and remembered i had a abandoned website. so i changed everything and here it is! my website is always a work in progress! (。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ♪

why Aoi-Sama? thanks for asking again! lol. well. i really love the name Aoi. i don't know why but i just really liked it alot. and the name Aoi is also a color in japanese. Blue. Aoi is also a flower. Hollylock, which isn't a blue flower sadly. so i just combined them together to make 葵(蒼)さま♡! now adding the -Sama part is just to make the name cooler. no way am i a -sama deserving person lmao. (if you don't know what -sama is, google is your bestfriend!)

is there anything i should know more about you? mmmhhmmm i am a huge overthinker and will sometimes shut down when i think i'm annoying people here. so if you ever see me post some depressing stuff please ignore it.

i have seen articles/newsletters about coding, and i know its a huge controversy in this community, but how did i code my websites? i use grid-layout! that's where i build the base of my website. just giving you guys a heads up incase it isn't authentic coding. :)

i use to be into kpop.