Who is Aoi-sama?

AOI (not real name), 1998, virgo (♍︎). she/her (or any pronouns). just an average married women trying to get through life. i have a very expensive hobby and that includes indulging my money for things like cute stationary items to plushies and all sorts of cute things. i have an interest in coding though i am not good at it yet but i am trying each day!

i am a grumpy person! though that depends on certain days like monday for example! i am a very early bird, not so energetic like. if met in person, i have a resting bitch face but i am also very very shy and a very introverted person. but if you do get to know me, that resting bitch face is just me tired all the time! other than that, you should be fine and don't have to worry about it ;)

that's all i can say for now! thanka for stopping by though!!